“Growing up in Southwest Montana, I quickly learned the importance of quality outdoor gear. Today, I’m on a mission to make ultra-durable, ultra-light, and ultra-fast sunglasses, all while preserving the mountains I call home.”



The Best Trail Eyewear Ever Made

We live to tick off miles on dirt and rock. From trail running to thru-hiking, we’ve done it all, and we understand the need for high-quality, performance-first sunglasses that look good.

That said, we found ourselves frustrated by the lack of sustainable options in the performance eyewear market. We wanted glasses designed to perform, but we also didn’t want to contribute to the destruction of the very mountains and trails that we love. And so, FKT was born to create the option we couldn’t find.  

At FKT, we're more than just a sunglasses company. We’re a group of athletes and outdoor enthusiasts who live with passion and chase our obsessions. Fortunately for you, creating the best trail eyewear on the planet and for the planet is our obsession.

Focused on


From recycled materials to sustainable production practices,
this is how we’re building a more sustainable future.


Whether you’re peak bagging or
thru-hiking, we’ve got you
(and your eyes) covered.